Unlike many other insurance brands, Lloyd's is not a company; it's a market where our members join together as syndicates to insure risk

Much of Lloyd’s business works by subscription, where more than one syndicate takes a share of the same risk. Business is conducted face-to-face between brokers and underwriters in the Underwriting Room.

When we talk of Lloyd’s, we’re really referring to two distinct parts. The market, which is made up of many independent businesses, and the Corporation of Lloyd’s, which is there – broadly speaking – to oversee that market. These parts are distinct, but far from independent. Both work closely to maintain high standards of performance across the market.

The following pages will give you an insight into the unique way in which Lloyd’s is structured, the role of the market and The Corporation, and the different departments (directorates) that make up Lloyd’s.

Lloyd's in Greece

Lloyd's underwriters are authorised to write all classes of business from Greece on both a Freedom of Services and Establishment basis (excluding term life).

Marianna PapdakisMarianna Papadakis was appointed General Manager for Greece in January 2000. She is also Deputy Chairman of Lloyd's Greece SA. Marianna travels regularly to Greece to ensure local compliance and maintain and develop market contacts. Marianna is based in London and in addition to her country management responsibilities is Manager Operations within the Lloyd's International Market team